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by | Mar 22, 2022 | Homesteaders of Michigan

Homesteaders of Michigan: A Fresh Start

As of February 2022, Kendra Higgins is the new owner of Homesteaders of Michigan after purchasing the business outright from Founder, Kayla.

It's been wonderful working with you all to create this virtual community of homesteaders, gardeners, and farmers. I wish you all the best - you're in better hands than before and I look forward to seeing this community grow! - Kayla
You may be surprised to learn that I, Kendra, have been working behind the scenes of Homesteaders of Michigan since the early days. Like many of you, I came across the account on Instagram and was instantly intrigued by the idea of a like-minded community. I reached out to Kayla letting her know I was excited about her endeavor and wanted to support the group any way I could. Our connection led to the creation of the HOM website in 2019!

A Little About Kendra

I’m a born and raised Michigander! I’ve lived in Michigan my entire life; raised in Hillsdale, later living in Muskegon, vacationing in Copper Harbor, working in Grand Rapids, and eventually establishing my homestead in Bloomingdale (a small town between Kalamazoo and South Haven). I’ve even completed a lighthouse tour around our entire state! What can I say, I’m a proud Michigander! 

Growing up, I liked helping out with my family’s garden, cooking in my grandma’s kitchen and watching my extended family manage their conventional farming operation. In 2016, my partner Rich and I found property with maple trees, a large yard, and quiet woods. We instantly knew it was home. Originally, we didn’t set out to “homestead,” but our small garden plans quickly expanded to an orchard, blueberry field, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and honey bees. We were soon making maple syrup, building a solar dehydrator, constructing a smokehouse, making a grape press, and of course canning all the things. Over the years, we built what we call Henstooth Homestead
Fast forward to today. Much has changed. In November of 2021, Rich unexpectedly passed away.  I, along with Henstooth Homestead, are forever changed and I’m learning to manage as a solo homesteader this season. While I had intended to purchase HOM before this traumatic event, Rich’s death reinforced the idea even further. Owning HOM serves a greater purpose in my life now; it allows me to stay connected to this community while my new normal evolves. My garden won’t be as big this year, but I’m excited to cheer yours on. I won’t be raising as many animals, but I can’t wait to see your new additions. Navigating the homesteading life on my own means relying on the support and insight of people I trust…people like you and the other wonderful homesteaders who make up this community. I’m not ready to give up on Henstooth Homestead. I have more to contribute, learn, and share. Owning Homesteaders of Michigan helps make all of that possible.

What’s Changing

I know change and new ownership can sometimes cause concern. I want to assure you, my strict intentions are to continue strengthening the incredible community Kayla founded. Homesteaders of Michigan is full of potential as we continue to connect and build new traditions. 

Homesteaders of Michigan Instagram + Facebook

First, all Homesteaders of Michigan social media accounts will stay intact. As the spring season gets underway, please continue to tag Homesteaders of Michigan and use #homesteadersofmichigan so I can encourage your hard work and reshare your projects to inspire others!

Homesteaders of Michigan Seed Swap + Book Club

Seed swaps and the book club will be put on hold. I’m looking at ways to reinvent these concepts and may bring them back come this fall. Stay tuned! 

Homesteaders of Michigan Website

It’s time for a website refresh! Over the next few weeks, you’ll see some aesthetic changes happening. The website may experience some temporary downtime, but it will be for the better as we work to restructure content and prepare for some new developments! Speaking of which…


Future Growth

While I’m not prepared for a full unveiling of my ideas, I do want to let you in on the direction I’m heading. Throughout the year you’ll see Homesteaders of Michigan grow in ways that: 

  • Continue to foster community between homesteaders AND the general public. 
  • Open candid conversations about the day-to-day rhythm of our lifestyle.
  • Provide new, helpful resources and guides.

With all that said, I’d love to hear from you! Please introduce yourself below and let me know what you’d like to see from the Homesteaders of Michigan community.

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Homesteaders of Michigan: A Fresh Start | New Owner Kendra Higgins

Written by Kendra

Kendra, a born and raised Michigander is the owner of Homesteaders of Michigan. A digital creative living the simple life somewhere in the backwoods of Michigan with her dogs and a cold beer. Connect with her on Instagram @henstoothomestead.

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